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12th December 2017

MOSS Making a Difference


This year, our engineered machining colleagues based in Kendal, have had another successful year fundraising for a number of local charities including PE Buddies, St Mary’s Hospice, Narcolepsy UK, Bonus Swimming Club, Step By Step School for Autistic Children.

“Team Tonka Fingers” came together and have raised an impressive £10,177.50 (exclusive of Gift Aid so this will be in the region of £12,000) this year by participating in the Keswick 2 Barrow Walk in association with BAE, Rolls Royce and Centrica.

£1750 was also donated to Wigan & Leith Hospice who have been doing a great job supporting Neil Cheetham’s wife, Dawn who has been bravely battling cancer for several years.

ICR was keen to further supported the fundraising activities with a £1000 donation which has been added to the overall funds for the year which was greatly appreciated by all charities.

Over the years, MOSS truly has made a difference to many worthwhile causes, raising over £225,000 to date.

Keep up the great work team!