Research & Technical Centre


MOSSís success is assured by its ability to provide machining solutions to projects which are technically challenging. This requires MOSS to stretch and often work beyond the limits of existing engineering methods and technologies. In order to achieve this capability we supplement our experience and knowledge with specific research and development projects, both internally and externally.

At the same time, we have a duty to do so in a safe and environmentally responsible way. Thatís why itís essential to research new and innovative ways to develop on-site machining solutions more efficiently and with minimal environmental impact.

We look to technology to overcome challenges inherent in the energy industry. We work closely with our sister companies and the Technology Centre within ICR to conduct research as well as partner with academic experts.

As an example we currently have a number of internal development projects, examining common issues such as seized thread protection and pressure retaining caps on corrosion monitoring access fittings. Working in conjunction with our sister company, NECE, we have developed an innovative solutions for cap removal, which is both efficient and safe allowing many caps to be removed in a short space of time.

New techniques and technologies discovered through R&D have been vital in enabling MOSS to meet global energy demand, and will continue to be vital as the industry overcomes current and future challenges.