MOSS | Mechanical On Site Services



MOSS is completely independent from major equipment manufacturers and therefore impartially assesses equipment available and only supplies the most innovative product to meet our clients’ requirements. As such we have developed a wide range of Specialist Machining and Hydraulic Bolt Tightening equipment which is available for service and rental.

The MOSS rental division offers a comprehensive range of site-ready portable machine tools and a full selection of controlled bolting/torquing equipment, all of which are available at short notice.

Our impartiality and experience of using this equipment has enabled the development of specialised machines and tooling which is not available anywhere else. Being independent allows an impartial view to better determine your specific equipment needs to suit safety, budget, technical constraints and delivery needs.

Our 24hr support in conjunction with our in-house design and manufacturing facility enables MOSS to provide the best customer service.

O.D Mount Pipe Cutting/Bevelling Machine
Capacity to 72" (1828mm)

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning
3/4" to 4" (16mm - 101.6mm) Bolt Diameter

O.D Mount Flange Facing Machine
Capacity to 24” (609.6mm)

I.D Mount Flange Facing Machine
Capacity to 138” (3500mm). Max O.D. 197" (5000mm)

Boring Bars
Capacity to (69" x 118" Travel) (1.75m x 3m Travel)

I.D Mount Pipe End Prep Machines
Capacity to 72" (1828mm)

Journal Turning Squirrels
4" to 11.25" (101.6mm - 285mm) 0 to 16" (0mm - 406mm) Travel

Key Mill Machine
Capacity to 3" wide slots x 11" Travel (75mm x 279mm Travel)

2D Mill
Capacity to 60" (1525mm) Travel

3D Mill
Capacity to 79.5" (750mm) Cross Travel x 60" x (1525mm)

Hydraulic Power Units
Variable Pump 20-40lpm 8GPM

MAG Based Drill Machines
No 2 & No 3 Morse Taper c/w variable speed & Torque Control

Norbar Tapping Unit
Tapping capacity up to M75. Re Tapping up to M125 (5")

Van Norman Boring Machine
Capacity up to Ø 12" (300mm) x 37" (950mm) Travel

Flange Spreading
"0" (Zero) flange gap upwards

Torque Wrench
1/2" to 4" (12.7mm - 101.6mm) Bolt Diameter

Nut Splitter
3/4" to 3.1/2" Bolt Diameter

Diamond Wire
Ø 4" to 84" (101.6mm - 2133.6 mm) Diamond Wire Saws

Guillotine Pipe Saws
Ø 2" to 32" (50mm - 812.8mm) Guillotine Pipe Saws

Valve Turning Machines
6" to 60" (152.4mm - 1524mm) Valves