Specialist Onsite Machining


Flange Facing
Heat Exchanger, Tube Bundle, Plate, Front and back faces of dome ends. Standard raised face and bolt face. Ring Type Joints (RTJ). Grayloc type hubs

Pipe End Preparation
Form tool & single point preparation of pipe ends prior to welding. All wall thicknesses and materials.

Pipe Cutting & Bevelling
Simultaneous, cutting and preparation of in situ pipe work. Re machining of In situ weld excavations. All materials and wall thicknesses.

2D & 3D Milling, from Keyways through to large motor bases

Stud Removal
Removal of seized and broken studs, including nimonic steels in turbine casings, valves, boilers and flange faces.

Line Boring
Line Boring to tight tolerances in all applications.

Hole drilling - any material in any aspect, including confined spaces. Bearing housings bored and sleeved. Broken studs - removed

Tapping and re claiming of damaged threads in all applications.

Boring of pumps and vessels, open-ended and blind. Crane pivot pins- bushes. Engines and machinery buckets

Trepanning of holes in all materials in various working aspects.

Journal Turning
Tight tolerance re works, Machining under size for; sleeving / weld overlay / metal spraying then machine back to original size.

Internal honing of cylinder and bores.