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Davit Arm Padeye Machining

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Moss were approached by the owners of a North Sea offshore supply vessel with regard to the machining of the lifeboat launching davit arm padeyes.


The locating pins and padeye bushes that the fixed ends of the davit arms locate into had worn causing unnecessary strain on the hydraulic system and potential issues when launching the lifeboats. Both sets of padeyes (4 in total) had to be machined to allow new bushes and pins to be installed.


The vessel was only in port for a short period of time to be refuelled and reloaded.

The access restrictions caused by the vessel deck and adjacent hydraulic hoses meant that off the shelf equipment was not suitable.


Two sets of specially manufactured line boring equipment together with competent Moss technicians were mobilised so that each pair of padeyes could be machined simultaneously .

The padeye bores were machined to remove the old bushes and sized suitable for installing the new bushes. Once the new bushes had been welded into the padeyes the line boring equipment was set up again. The equipment was then used to machine the bores of the new padeye bushes inline to provide a running fit for the new location pins.

The machining was completed to the satisfaction of the vessels chief engineer and on time to ensure no delay in sailing.