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Crane Pedestal Machining

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Moss were approached by a leading UK crane engineering and maintenance company with regard to machining a 3.5m outside diameter crane pedestal during the overhaul of a semi submersible drilling rig berthed in port.


The drilling rig was undergoing maintenance and repair as part of its statutory inspection. Following laser flatness checks the crane pedestal was found to be out of its flatness tolerance of 0.3mm.


The pedestal flange face had to be machined with the minimum amount of metal removed and to be within the stated tolerance for flatness. Due to the size of the pedestal there few companies who have both the capacity and experience to take on this type of work. Designated freight transport had to be arranged to meet the start date due to the size and weight of the machine.


Moss 5m outside diameter flange facing machine was mobilised together with a team of experienced technicians. The work was completed in the necessary time frame and the finished flatness of 0.15mm was well within the allowable tolerance limit.

Moss are able to offer a range of machines in various sizes up to 5m outside diameter for crane pedestal and large diameter flange faces. These machines can be air or hydraulically driven and supplied with teams of experienced technicians to operate them both onshore and offshore.